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29 November 2007

Just don't pour it on me

Reports of the death of Robert Cade, inventor of Gatorade, have been all over blogdom already, but this is too good to pass up. First, an observation by Kathy Shaidle:

Thank God he worked for Florida and not UC Santa Cruz, or we'd all be drinking BananaSlugHelper.

David Janes sent this rejoinder:

You mean it's a good thing that he worked for University of Florida (football team: the Gators) than for Florida State (football team: the Seminoles) because then it would have to be called Seminolefluid.

Oh, come now.

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...and all over the country, athletes are emptying 40-ouncers of Gatorate out on the ground, as a "libation" to the shade of Dr. Cade?

(This is how geeky I am: the first time I saw, in a rap video, the singers pouring "a 40" out on the ground in memory of a departed friend, I piped up, "They must have studied ancient Greece!" The person I was watching with thought that was hilarious.)

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