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2 November 2007

Note to self: avoid paperwork

In the current radio ratings, Spanish-language station KTUZ-FM dropped from a 4.2 share to a 2.4, and management says it's because of HB 1804:

Tyler Media market manager Skip Stow blamed KTUZ's decline on Oklahoma's new immigration law.

"They're scared," Stow said, referring to some listeners in the Latino community. "They don't want to fill out anything official looking."

Interestingly, Tyler has a billboard around town (I saw it along I-35 near NE 63rd) proclaiming that the local Latino market is 300,000 strong — and "we reach them all!"

Posted at 2:18 PM to Overmodulation

If they have commited a crime, they SHOULD be scared!

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 3:22 PM on 2 November 2007

The most current ratings are from the summer. I'd be surprised if that many immigrants left so far in advance of the law going into effect.

Besides, if so many people have left, why is it that the OKC and Tulsa school districts haven't seen significant drops in enrollment? I understand that some of the children of the immigrants may be actual citizens, but I also expect that many of those children would've relocated to different states with their parents, and that relatively few of the immigrants actually went south of the border.

Posted by: Scooby214 at 9:55 AM on 3 November 2007

I suspect very few people have left, 1804 notwithstanding: if you have work, there's a tendency to stick around as long as you have it, and only then move on.

And with regard to the radio ratings in particular, I should note that competing Spanish-language station KINB (La Indomable) showed a slight gain, and KZUE (La Tremenda) made it above the 0.5 mark (below which you don't get listed) for the first time in I don't know how long.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:07 AM on 3 November 2007