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11 November 2007


Yet another reason to avoid flying is airport food — with one possible exception:

I usually fly through Detroit, because Northwest is cheap, and I've discovered what may be the most genius business I've ever seen: The PB&J stand at the airport.

This would be totally stupid anywhere *except* an airport terminal, because who would pay for something they can make for 30 cents at home? But think about it for a bit. When I'm in an airport, every food option looks overpriced and disgusting. I'm not usually starved, but it's my last opportunity to get some food for another 3 hours, and I'm going to take that. There are the sit-down places, which have no need to try for repeat customers. There are sub shops selling a sandwich for $8 that you KNOW you buy for 3.50 at work. There's cookies and caffeine at the coffee places, but you've been eating crap for the last 48 hours, and even cookies can get old.

What you really want — what you'd make for yourself at home — is some little thing. A few crackers, maybe, or, or...

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Which is just about all they do at this one stand:

The PB&J place only makes nut butter and jelly sandwiches — peanut or cashew (!) butter, 4 or 5 jelly options, a few different breads. Marshmallow fluff, chocolate, and banana are extra. Then there were beverages (including soy and cow milk, which I consider necessary to my PB&J experience), and chips, I think. That's it.

And apparently it's called simply PB&J; it's near Gate A1 in the McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Posted at 7:54 PM to Worth a Fork

Creamy or Chunky?

You know what they say, and it is indeed true,
"Choosy Mothers choose Jif."

Posted by: the Localmalcontent at 8:05 PM on 11 November 2007

I'm a Peter Pan sort of person, myself.

There used to be a place in Quail Springs called "Fred's Bread" which dabbled in sandwiches of this sort.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:29 PM on 11 November 2007

Never had a chance to try them - when I land in Detroit, I'm swiftly brought out of Wayne County Airport to my dear family's dining room where familiar feast awaits. And to suggest inclusion of PB&J would be an insult - and frankly, not to my advantage.

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:46 PM on 11 November 2007

One peanut allergy, and it's all over.

Posted by: Brian J. at 10:54 PM on 11 November 2007