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2 November 2007

Pennies pinched while you wait

Kathleen Wilcoxson, who represents Senate District 45, is about to be term-limited out of office — 2008 is her twelfth and last year — and three Republicans are competing for her seat. (Democrats seldom even bother to file for this seat.) Mike McCarville has the numbers on their fundraising activities, and former Oklahoma City Councilman Jerry Foshee raised the most money during the reporting period ending 30 September; he's also spent the most.

Retired Army Lt. Colonel Steve Russell reported he raised $10,204 and spent $8.50, leaving him with $10,091.50 on hand.

He spent eight and a half bucks? Granted, the election is 53 weeks away, but I'm wondering whether this guy is God's Own Skinflint or just a big fan of The Producers.

Posted at 7:04 AM to Soonerland

Foshee's a nice guy; I went to high school with his kids. I disagree with him about, like, everything, but he's a nice guy.

I can't help but wonder if in today's climate if the Dems shouldn't run SOMEONE, just to see, you know?

Posted by: Nate at 9:27 AM on 2 November 2007

Well, there's still time. And it's not like there's an entrenched incumbent to take on.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:56 AM on 2 November 2007