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23 November 2007

Quote of the week

Joseph Hertzlinger, in a comment to this Coyote Blog post:

There are two schools of land-use planning: "reduce sprawl" and "reduce congestion." In practice, those turn into "stop building in low-density areas" and "stop building in high-density areas," respectively.

Sometimes the two sides compromise on stopping all construction. The resulting housing shortage is blamed on greedy landlords and is used as an excuse for more regulations.

In the worst case, rent control. At least Section 8 goes through the motions of paying attention to market values.

Posted at 12:01 PM to QOTW

Personally, I like to see some slowdown in the sprawl. If the builders keep building at the torrid pace from 2003-2006, they'll kill everyone's property value. (Disclosure: I am a Realtor.)

Posted by: Dan B at 12:05 AM on 25 November 2007
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