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10 November 2007

Ritual accounting

The annual "Dear Taxpayer" letter from the County Treasurer has arrived, and it's always of interest, since I am in fact paying taxes (boy, am I), and there's a section that details how much of this year's property tax is going to which governmental functions.

For the curious:

  • $32.85: Oklahoma County-Wide School Levy
  • $20.55: Oklahoma City/County Health Department
  • $41.26: Metro Library System
  • $82.20: Oklahoma County government
  • $122.58: Metro Tech
  • $126.55: City of Oklahoma City
  • $450.09: Oklahoma City Public Schools

The complete list of tax rates in this county is here, and it's a long one.

Posted at 8:17 AM to Surlywood

On behalf of the children, the faculty, the staff and all of us with the Oklahoma City Public Schools... thank you... we just couldn't do it without you!

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 8:58 PM on 10 November 2007
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