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1 November 2007

So long, Vicki

There will be no 2009 Ford Crown Victoria at your local blue-oval vendor; retail sales have dwindled, and Ford will offer the car for fleet sales only after the 2008 run is complete.

Its sister under the skin, the Mercury Grand Marquis, which is produced in smaller numbers but which sells better at retail, will continue, at least for a while, along with the tarted-up Lincoln Town Car: all three vehicles are assembled at Ford's St. Thomas, Ontario plant, which is expected to remain open at least through 2010.

Disclosure: My ex drives a Grand Marquis, though not with the de Sade package.

Posted at 10:53 AM to Driver's Seat

Huh. Well, I guess when I get to wanting a Crown Vic for getting to the Early Bird Special in Geritol Acres, I'll have to get it surplused from a police agency.

The Mercury brand doesn't appeal to me, and the Town Car is just too tarted-up for my taste.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:53 PM on 1 November 2007