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9 November 2007

Standards of appearance

Anyone who knows me will of course wonder what the hell I am talking about, since obviously I don't have any standards of appearance, or at least any that require any effort to break.

What I mean, though, is the appearance of this Web site on your browser, as opposed to mine. (Some of you may well be opposed to mine, which is Firefox So I turned to a service called Browsershots, which will call up the front page in a selection of different browsers on different operating systems, in case I want to know how it looks in, for example, Opera 9.24 on Ubuntu 6.06. (The answer: not bad, or at least no worse than usual.) I tried thirteen different combinations, and none of them produced severe anomalies. Your mileage may vary, but since your template is probably less preposterous than mine, I'd expect Good Things.

(Suggested by the eminently-readable Belhoste.)

Posted at 6:25 AM to PEBKAC

I note Browsershots does the big-screens only -- no phones and other mobile-device browsers. For the record, the bird (and the rest of the site) looks marvelous on iPod Touch Safari!

Posted by: CT at 9:30 AM on 9 November 2007

I haven't tried it on my own phone, largely because I'm too cheap to buy the service package that contains all the Net-access stuff. It would have been nice to have representative shots from major phones/mobile OS combinations.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:07 AM on 9 November 2007

I have accessed your site from a Palm Treo using both Blazer and Opera (can't remember which flavors) and it was a little slow to load, but it displayed fairly well with both. I have also accessed it from several different BlackBerry handsets to no ill effects. And you site looks absolutely marvelous from an iPhone. I also tried it from a RAZR without any issues, but it was incredibly hard to read at that screen size.

Now don't take this as being negative, but I use your site as a reference when testing mobile devices - since it is pretty predictable on how it will look.

Thanks for the link :-)

Posted by: belhoste at 3:54 PM on 9 November 2007

I accessed Dustbury from a Blackjack and the only thing I saw amiss was the MT Tags (Surlywood, City Scene, PEBKAC, etc.) show up with the metatag as the phone didn't know what to do with it.

I was even able to leave a comment from the phone.

Posted by: unimpressed at 11:36 AM on 13 November 2007