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12 November 2007

Strange search-engine queries (93)

Once again it's time to upend the referrer logs, shake, and see if anything amusing falls out.

minimum penis size you would marry:  Are penises allowed to marry? (Can you even have one for a roommate?)

sagittarius girl rejected marriage proposal:  Maybe she just wasn't interested in a Virgo.

bill clinton does not drink:  In his younger days, he could drink you under the table. And, as long as you're under the table....

percent of women with midget fetish:  Undoubtedly a small percentage.

chocolateless brownie recipe:  Then wash it down with a near-beer.

why are nuts so expensive:  It's a plot by Shell to control squirrels.

where are streetwalkers in Tulsa?  Have you tried, um, the street?

anti-lick brakes:  Not that rotors taste so good.

Are Crocs shoes edible:  I'd sooner eat a brake rotor.

is there an oven used to make crack cocaine:  You're looking for the Easy-Flake Oven™.

what do women think about men wearing anal plugs:  Their first thought is probably "What a bunch of assholes."

Condoleezza Rice wears pantyhose:  So?

How to approach a girl you have never met before if youre an intj:  The true INTJ spends no time wondering about such things: if she has anything to recommend her, she'll introduce herself.

"charles g. hill" french:  I don't think I've ever been frenched.

yogurt sam houston parkway:  Of course, being Texas yogurt, it contains jalapeños.

all the candidates suck:  I'm pretty sure Hillary won't.

Posted at 5:55 AM to You Asked For It

"where are streetwalkers in Tulsa? Have you tried, um, the street?"

Actually they are usually in front of Bama Pie on 11th Street, under the sign that says "Pie Land USA"...

Posted by: Thomas at 1:58 PM on 12 November 2007