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13 November 2007

The return of Samantha Stephens

I don't know whether to cry, to laugh, or to cry again: the British entertainment site Digital Spy is reporting that the 1960s American sitcom Bewitched will be "reinvented" by the BBC.

Now if you were to rank all the women who influenced my formative years, Samantha Stephens comes in somewhere among the Top Ten, and the last time this story was remade it didn't quite jell, but I definitely want to catch a glimpse of how it works out as a Britcom — though I draw the line at Rowan Atkinson as Uncle Arthur.

Posted at 6:37 PM to Almost Yogurt

I count her among the top ten guiding female influences of my youth, as well.

Remake + Samantha = Heresy

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:24 PM on 13 November 2007

Mmmmmm. Elizabeth Montgomery...


Posted by: McGehee at 9:25 PM on 13 November 2007

Amen. And we all know - well, all smart men know - that Samantha could have kicked Jeannie's butt any day of the week.

Posted by: david at 10:34 PM on 13 November 2007

Mmmmmm. Barbara Eden...


Posted by: McGehee at 8:05 AM on 14 November 2007

Sounds sacrilege to even think about a remake (though Digital Spy is usually an accurate source) and it makes a change to hear of a Brit remake of a US series (it's too often the other way round). Can we have the real Dr Bombay though just for authenticity (wasn't Bernard Fox briefly in Titanic?).Aunt Clara is my personal template for my own projected twilight years.

Posted by: Emalyse at 11:34 AM on 14 November 2007