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13 November 2007

This is a test

Let's see here:

Excellent Source of Whole Grain & Fiber

Not bad. What's this in the fine print?

Diets rich in whole grain foods and low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Now here's an "Enlarged to Show Texture" and the infamous "Serving Suggestion." On the side in really narrow print, the actual ingredients: whole grain wheat flour, wheat flour (presumably only partial-grain), malted barley flour, salt, dried yeast ...

Oh, the hell with it. It's true. I'd rather read The McGehee Zone.

Posted at 7:36 PM to Blogorrhea

Man, that "serving suggestion" remark has ALWAYS bugged me. What is the box or can implying?
I may resent it. Lately too, I've learned that the 'circled U' means that the product is Kosher, in case we spontaneously convert to Judaism.
Oy vah!

Posted by: the Localmalcontent at 12:19 AM on 14 November 2007

Actually, it means that the product is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, one of several such groups. (Not necessarily complete list here.)

As for the "serving suggestion" shtick, that's a legalism made necessary by the sort of bozo who thinks everything in the picture must also be in the box, including bowl, utensils, and nearby glass of juice, and will sue if it isn't — and the lawyers who make the laws have seen to it that we're not allowed to beat the snot out of the bozo for being so bozoid, lest we impair their revenue stream.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:01 AM on 14 November 2007
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