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4 November 2007

Tiaraly wages

A statistic from Playboy's Raw Data (December):

Forty-eight percent of American employees say at least one of their co-workers is a "Workplace Princess" who has an excess sense of entitlement and expects special favors on the job.

Given the need for magazine lead time, I figured this had to have been out for a while, and sure enough, it has. The study was commissioned by author/career counselor Rachelle Carter (Make the Right Career Move), and here's what she found:

48% of American workers say there is a "Workplace Princess" on site.
48% of Workplace Princesses expect special favors from employers.
47% of Workplace Princesses believe they are being treated unfairly.
35% of Workplace Princesses make other people do work for them.

And just in case you were wondering:

16% of Workplace Princesses are men.

Based on my own experiences, I'd have expected a lot more than one out of six.

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