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27 November 2007

Trent seeking

Trent Lott is stepping down from the Senate because, says E. M. Zanotti, he needs the bucks:

Not only is he not that wealthy (comparatively) his house was all but destroyed in Katrina and despite Bush's assurances to the opposite, no governmental help has come specifically marching to his door. He needs the eight hundred or so thousand per year he can make lobbying those he knew who still cling to the hope that for slightly less pay they can continue to stuff their districts with post offices, museum and trout-painted airplanes. The difference being that when you work in Congress, you have to take your payment in the form of free trips, free meals, free cigars and those nifty pens with the drug names on them that are unbelievably ergonomic; when you work outside of it, all of that value comes in the form of a paycheck. Trent needs the cash, not the trips, and since next year that line of work will be cut off (per lobbying reforms instituted post-Abramoff), he needs to get out while the getting's good.

I don't think this makes much of a case for a Congressional raise, though.

And given the possibility that next year for the Republicans will make 2006 look like a minor inconvenience, it's probably not a bad time to be a former Senator. Or, for that matter, a former Representative; Dennis Hastert turned in his resignation yesterday.

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The Prowler says it's the Veco scandal, and if Hastert's leaving it seems plausible.

I'm still holding out hope Ted Stevens will also get the hint.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:25 AM on 27 November 2007