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9 November 2007

Unexpected tribute

This week's Ready Steady A Go Go podcast, devoted as always to the British beat, roughly 1962-1966 (same years, by coincidence, as the fabled Beatles "red album"), opened with a Tommy Quickly recording: "The Wild Side of Life," issued on Pye in 1964.

This was host Michael Lynch's nod to the late Hank Thompson, who died this week at 82, and who cut the original version of "The Wild Side of Life" way back in 1952.

I'd like to think God made one limited-edition honky-tonk angel to mark the occasion.

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I met the man on two different occasions. He was a neighbor in the late 70s and early 80s. We only talked a couple of times and, since I'm not into his style of music, didn't know he was a "somebody" even after being introduced. He and his wife struck me as very nice people.

I am told that he and Roy Clark had the same Tulsa-based agent for many years--Jim Halsey, a man a couple of years older than my dad and from the same small town in Kansas.

I'm sorry to hear that he's gone.

Posted by: unimpressed at 11:31 AM on 13 November 2007