The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

1 November 2007

Updated ghost/goblin count

As determined at the front door:

    2000:  0
    2001:  0
    2002:  0
    2003:  0
    2004:  0
    2005:  5
    2006:  0
    2007:  9

Let it be noted that I spent twenty minutes trying to get the porch light to stay on long enough to accommodate those nine little monsters. (It has one of those light-sensitive gizmos on it which lately hasn't been sensitive to anything at all.) Eventually it paid off; in fact, I had to kill the switch to shut it down.

I'm starting to see more kids in the neighborhood generally, which I hope is the beginning of a trend. I think we have something to offer in this corner of town: relatively-affordable housing stock in better-than-average shape for its age (sixty years), proximity to shopping, and one of the better city schools within walking distance.

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