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24 December 2007

A tale of two trees

Two trees

My old elm tree, I think, will come out of this just fine, despite having about twenty percent of its volume reduced by the storm — or perhaps because of it, since the weaker limbs, as you might expect, were the first to fall. The tree behind it is something less of a success story, though it looks better now than it did two weeks ago, now that all (or anyway, most of) the dead stuff has been cleared away; I figure a one-in-three chance of coming back in the spring. The big stack of stuff in between contains wood from both. (Substantial embiggening can be observed here.)

Posted at 10:25 AM to Surlywood

Do you also find it simply amazing, that a trees' branches above-ground, resemble a trees' roots below ground?

Posted by: localmalcontent at 4:42 PM on 24 December 2007

How old will that be? seems to be very strong...

Posted by: annie at 3:36 AM on 28 December 2007

I wasn't here for the planting, but most of the elms on the block seem to date back to shortly after the original development of the neighborhood, circa 1948; they're likely at least fifty years old, maybe pushing sixty.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:05 AM on 28 December 2007