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8 December 2007

Generosity beyond the call of duty

GreenCanary offers assistance to an unnamed county in Maryland:

A representative from one of the area counties was discussing the effects of the projected population growth over the next ten years, focusing on infrastructure and the horrendous traffic that is the State of Maryland.

The speaker said that the amount of money the county pays PER COMMUTER per year, based on a 22.5 mile commute, was $185,000. This money goes toward road maintenance, construction, etc. I have a 110 mile commute, so that means that the county pays more than $904,000 a year just to maintain the roads upon which I, the maniac driving Canary, travel.

That being said, here is my Brilliant Idea: the county can PAY ME the $904,000 a year and I will STAY HOME. I won't travel their precious roads. What’s more, I'd be willing to cut them a break and take, say, only $600K. It's a win-win situation, y'all! They save money, traffic is reduced, there's less wear-and-tear on highways, one more very bad driver is off of the road (thus making the world a safer place) and, best of all, I GET TO STAY HOME. But not only that, I'd make MORE money than I make now! A whole lotta more-a! Everyone's happy!

I've driven through Maryland a few times in recent years, and the traffic is certainly as dreadful as she says, but I'm wondering just what county this is, that she can travel 55 miles and not leave it; counties in Maryland aren't especially huge. Other than that minor quibble, I think this is a swell idea.

Posted at 3:55 PM to Dyssynergy

Looking at the numbers and using some common sense, it looks like someone shifted the decimal point three places to the right. Either that or I need to start selling concrete and asphalt in Maryland.

Posted by: Dan B at 10:52 PM on 8 December 2007

I suspect other family businessmen have a lock on the concrete and asphalt industry in Maryland.

I also suspect that these numbers are WAY off, but it does raise a good point about road construction costs. They're always discounted when considering the supposedly OUTRAGEOUS costs of public transport. (I'm looking at you, Mr. Inhofe)

Posted by: Dan at 11:27 PM on 8 December 2007

That would be, Mr. Istook, of course. I'm a little addled tonight!

Posted by: Dan at 11:28 PM on 8 December 2007
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