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8 December 2007


Looks like I'm not going anywhere for the next 42 hours or so.

Gwendolyn started today with what sounded like the crack of a whip, slowed down by a factor of three, and when shortly thereafter both Battery and Brake lights clicked on, the sound was identified: broken drive belt. Unfortunately, I was at 39th and Meridian when the lights appeared; I was able to get back home without incident, but obviously I'm not going to be doing any driving.

I was going to restock the pantry today. Not gonna happen. I'm not out of food, technically, but meal planning will be essentially random for the duration.

Current plan: have her towed in Monday morning. If it's just the belt, and I suspect that it is, the fix is simple. This particular belt has only about 14,000 miles on it; however, the A/C compressor has been changed in the interim, and I have to wonder if maybe retensioning the belt at that time was hazardous to its health.

Update: I just clambered into the Forbidden Zone under the hood, and the belt looks to be more or less intact — which means that the alternator itself has probably seized up. Still a simple fix, though not so cheap.

Posted at 12:23 PM to General Disinterest

I hope our weather holds out for you so you can get it towed in Monday. I'm not ready for ice anyway.

Posted by: Scooby214 at 4:44 PM on 8 December 2007

Towed tomorrow? Are you serious?

Posted by: wamprat at 5:57 PM on 9 December 2007

It's not going to make it on its own. Besides, there's a lot to be said for not driving tomorrow, what with this ice storm and all.

It may be in the afternoon before they get to it; it may actually be Tuesday, in fact.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:04 PM on 9 December 2007
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