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7 December 2007

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Fifty percent of the population is below-average in appearance, which suggests that there might be support for tax breaks for the unattractive.

The movement, such as it is, begins in Argentina, with author Gonzalo Otalora:

He planted himself in front of the presidential palace, the Casa Rosada or Pink House, to harangue [then-]President Nestor Kirchner to change the law.

It's not fair, he said. The beautiful people get all the breaks. Beauty is a natural advantage and he wants the good-lookers to be taxed to finance compensation for the ugly people.

Otalora's book ¡Feo! (Ugly!) explains the premise further. Me, I'm wondering if the folks who show up here could qualify for some sort of rebate.

(Via Jezebel.)

Posted at 8:29 PM to Dyssynergy

I realize this is an Onion-level joke, but I will say that, as someone who for much of her teenaged years believed herself to be hideously ugly, that sort of thing would have been insulting - sort of a "pat on the head" type mentality.

Then again, if they're proposing taxing fat people more (because they are supposedly more of a drain on social services - an assumption that has not been proven by research, FWIW), maybe this isn't so bizarre.

If this came to pass, and if I were eligible for it (and one of the blessings of age is that I no longer believe I would be, no matter what I thought of myself as a teenager), I'd probably send the money back to the government in a fury.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 6:51 AM on 8 December 2007

*fillyjonk, if only more people had good sense and pride like you - welfare offices across the country would be deserted. All those young, healthy, bejeweled from head to toe men and women, with toddlers in tow, waiting to get money from the government, laughing at the rest of us, working fools, supporting their lazy bums...they don't mind the insult. Getting insulted is profitable - more so than getting to work for a living.

Posted by: Tatyana at 8:59 AM on 8 December 2007

I'm of two minds about this sort of thing. I certainly don't want a Federal Bureau of Pretty; on the other hand, I could use the money. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:45 AM on 8 December 2007

Chaz, you could always write shoe reviews; you have mastered the craft already, the only thing missing is being paid for it.

My guess is it'll be enough to indulge Gwendolyn's fixes.

Posted by: Tatyana at 1:19 PM on 8 December 2007

::singing badly::

It's the New Shoe Revue....!

Posted by: unimpressed at 5:39 PM on 8 December 2007