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22 December 2007

Lord of the trucks

Big Diesel God

This Chevyesque face belongs to a Chinese pickup truck: Da Chai Shen, manufactured by Dandong Shuguang, a subsidiary of the Liaoning SG Automotive Group. Its name means something like "Big Diesel God," and it should come Stateside for that reason alone.

Actually, the diesel is not so big: the base engine is Toyota's 2.2-liter AD-series inline four, and the alternative is a gas-powered 3.2-liter mill from China's First Automobile Works, based on a Mitsubishi design. Nor is the option list very big: you get a 5-speed stick and rear-wheel drive, period. In the States, it wouldn't be priced anywhere near the $8100 it sells for in China — there's that whole exchange-rate business, plus the long-standing 25-percent tariff on imported trucks, plus whatever tweaks have to be made to meet US regulations — but with the four-cylinder pickup now an endangered species in this country, I suspect that a case can be made for importing the Big Diesel God, especially if they keep the name. Expect a few Rams to be sacrificed if they do.

(Via The Truth About Cars.)

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