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6 December 2007

My sacks runneth over

Should you enter "wamprat fruitcake" into Google's search box, you wind up back here, and that's as it should be, since I'm one of the few people fortunate enough to receive baked goods from her this time of year. (She's also diversified into fudge in recent years.) While it plays hell with my waistline, it's good stuff; I really think she could make a living at this stuff were she so inclined. (Which, I am quite certain, she is not.)

In addition to various other goodies, she also presented me with an upgrade to the infamous Big Ball O' Lights that's been hanging by the garage door the last week or so; the new version offers a multitude of colors instead of just Classic White.

I note in passing that at the moment the aforementioned Google search coughs up eight Sponsored Links on the subject of fruitcake. I think the one I get is better than any of the ones being offered.

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BTW, you can open the three *small* boxes, they go on your tree. One of them has your name all over it, I'm sure you'll know which one.

Posted by: wamprat at 8:14 PM on 6 December 2007

<small, frightened voice> ...fudge...? </small, frightened voice>

I can hear my salivary glands cranking up already.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:31 PM on 6 December 2007

Actually, two of these, um, objects seem pertinent.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:50 PM on 6 December 2007

True, but isn't one of them much more so than the others? What does it say anyway?
Meant to tell you, the fudge is soft; my receipe calls for 10 oz of marshmellows and I could only find 16 oz bags, trying to figure out how much was 10 out of those wasn't one of my best efforts. But it tastes good. Just doesn't look pretty on a serving dish.

Posted by: wamprat at 10:51 PM on 6 December 2007

There are random quotes from the motion picture in question; the first one was "A major prize, a major prize, I won, I won, I won!"

Posted by: CGHill at 7:03 AM on 7 December 2007
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