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25 December 2007

Oh, that Leif Erickson

You think the idea of the Oklahoma City Sonics would be an assault on all that is sacred in sports? Try on the Los Angeles Vikings for size:

Our tipster heard from a source in Sacramento that [Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum] Commission President Bernard Parks was at a Holiday Party and was overheard bragging that he and his colleagues have been talking to an NFL developer — not the league or any owners directly — about trying to lure the Minnesota Vikings to the L.A. Coliseum. These talks have been going on for at least three months, including meetings since USC's threat to move to the Rose Bowl went public, and that the entire Commission, not just Parks, had been involved to some degree with the talks.

Normally I'd pay no attention to this sort of thing, except that:

[I]n Minnesota ... the Vikings were recently told by State Officials not to expect any action on getting a new stadium in the next year.

The Vikings are supposed to play in the Metrodome through 2011.

This wouldn't be the first time a team moved from the Twin Cities to the Big Orange. (You didn't think L.A. was known for its lakes, did you? No, not Toluca Lake. Sheesh.) And it cannot be overemphasized that no one is planning such a move at this time, or at least admits to be planning such a move at this time.

Still, you have to wonder.

(Via Boi from Troy.)

Posted at 3:18 PM to Dyssynergy

After the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals, I'd believe anything.

At least no one's trying to transplant New England's team to Berkeley.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:14 PM on 25 December 2007


Posted by: Old Grouch at 3:09 PM on 26 December 2007

I figure that the Saints will be in LA before the Vikings (or Colts, another rumored mover) could move there. Post-Katrina New Orleans is still smaller than OKC, and one really bad season (0-4 wins) will likely mean a move.

Posted by: Dan B at 7:55 AM on 27 December 2007