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7 December 2007

Quote of the week

Arthur St. Antoine remembers an old friend:

André Idzikowski, road-test editor at Car and Driver, passed away on October 11 after a decades-long battle with leukemia. He was 47.

André was a colleague and a good friend. I'd known him since 1984, when I filled in as C/D's "road warrior" while André underwent the first of several radical treatments that prolonged his life for another quarter century. We were close ever since. If attending the same press trip, André and I always shared a car — most memorably, the 2005 launch of the Ferrari Superamerica in France. We drove like thieves through the hills above Venice, then celebrated in the Casino de Monte Carlo, where we spent the evening smoking Montecristos, drinking whisky, and admiring the bejeweled ladies at the baccarat tables. Not once did André mention his worsening illness ("why me?" wasn't his style). Instead, he savored the view and his cigar and shared his many plans.

What I liked about this is not so much the Eurostory, but the fact that this appeared, not in Car and Driver at all, but in rival Motor Trend, St. Antoine's home base — he is Editor At Large — for the last few years. (One of the reasons I started reading MT again was to catch up with the guy.) I always try to appreciate gentle, unexpected gestures.

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