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11 December 2007

Seattle SuperCynics

The Chicago Tribune's Sam Smith is manifestly unimpressed:

The Bulls get to see the league's brightest new prospect in Kevin Durant and the NBA's most cynical organization, the Oklahoma City/Seattle SuperSonics, when they visit the United Center on Tuesday night. This is truly the one team in the NBA whose mission appears to be to lose games to further alienate its community and make relocating easier.

And that's not all:

The joke around the NBA is Minnesota general manager Kevin McHale and Seattle GM Sam Presti are battling for executive of the year for building the Celtics and Magic.

That's going to leave a couple of marks. Furthermore, says Smith, the Sonics' crappy record is exactly what the front office wants:

Sources say [Rashard] Lewis even agreed before last season to a short-term extension of $25 million over two years, but it was not offered because the new ownership didn't want to spend the money. After opting out of his contract and becoming a free agent, Lewis then said he was prepared to accept an offer from Presti, the new GM, but none came. Instead, [Ray] Allen was traded to the Celtics for spare parts and Lewis was let go for more detritus, all apparently in a not-so-transparent attempt to begin building a team for the next city.

The bottom line:

The sad part for the sake of competition is Seattle had the pieces in place and a reasonable payroll to have a terrific team this season. Instead, it chose a callous plan of surrender.

"Patience is a virtue in this league, to let a team mature," Allen said. "But they wanted to have their own team and their own guys."

And, we presume, their own, different city.

Color me disgruntled.

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