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10 December 2007

Strange search-engine queries (97)

This feature appears once a week, largely because in seven days I can usually accumulate about a dozen search strings worth mentioning here without too much difficulty. Let's dip into the log and see what we can find....

Avoidance Avoidance complex:  I used to live in a complex like that. The rent was too high for the value received.

walt whitman song of myself subjectivity:  The subjectivity would intoxicate you so, but I shall not let it.

What sort of attitudes will attract boys:  I have no idea; I've never attracted any boys.

did woman in the 1600's wear underwear:  She did if she wanted to attract boys.

kosher men's penises:  I suppose this depends on how the men are killed.

what percent of lottery winners are usually back at their sucky life?  Probably close to 100 percent, since the vast majority of winners get tiny prizes like $5 or $10.

Burton Genuine Tongue Funeral:  Because who wants a counterfeit? And anyway, it's "Tong."

clinton lewinsky something-gate:  "Genuine Tongue" for some reason comes to mind.

how much can I download with 17,000 megabytes:  A lot more than you could without it.

what was the first year the bulldogs won the champing ships:  I honestly had no idea you could get ships to champ.

erotic big breasted ugly crone gallery:  The very definition of "different strokes for different folks."

that weird woman who has a list of strange things people have typed into search engines:  You wouldn't happen to have her phone number, would you?

do vegans give blowjobs:  Far as I know, they don't allow meat in their mouths.

boyfriend's penis tastes like latex:  Um, you're doing it wrong.

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