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31 December 2007

Strange search-engine queries (100)

If you're looking at this and thinking "Haven't I seen this bit of shtick before?" — well, there's a reason for that triple-digit number up there.

zombie tattoo flash:  Hardly anyone ever flashes me a tattoo, and I'd just as soon it wasn't a zombie.

instructions for beer tab necklace:  1. Have a beer. 2. Have another beer. (See the pattern?)

don't start sentence with but:  But it's so handy!

hard freeze definition:  If you have to ask, you're probably not having one.

six foot tall babes in micro skirts:  Listen, if you find any, let me know, wouldja please?

castration to end the suffering of involuntary celibacy:  And I thought throwing out the baby with the bath water was extreme.

"involuntary celibacy" asshats:  They're the ones who recommend castration.

roettger wielding in stillwater minnesota:  I hear they wield a pretty mean roettger up there.

sony walkman authorization crap:  Aren't you glad they're closing their online music store?

minnesota bridge collapse explanation "like a bra":  No, no. 35W was the name of the highway, not the size.

nude beach women give me boners:  Sorry, you'll have to get your own boners.

My bounced check is posted on the door of a store:  Great. Now everyone will see what a deadbeat you are.

wy are europeans more likely to be nudists:  They have the Gulf Stream. We have ice storms.

Maureen Dowd playboy pictures:  In your dreams, pal.

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Maureen Dowd playboy pictures:



Posted by: Mark Alger at 7:59 AM on 31 December 2007

Mark beat me to it - given the opportunity to view said nudity - thank you, no.

Posted by: Jeffro at 7:11 PM on 31 December 2007