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28 December 2007

The big sleep for the Big N

Netscape Navigator, age 13, will die in 2008:

While internal groups within AOL have invested a great deal of time and energy in attempting to revive Netscape Navigator, these efforts have not been successful in gaining market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Recently, support for the Netscape browser has been limited to a handful of engineers tasked with creating a skinned version of Firefox with a few extensions.

AOL's focus on transitioning to an ad-supported web business leaves little room for the size of investment needed to get the Netscape browser to a point many of its fans expect it to be. Given AOL's current business focus and the success the Mozilla Foundation has had in developing critically-acclaimed products, we feel it's the right time to end development of Netscape branded browsers, hand the reigns fully to Mozilla and encourage Netscape users to adopt Firefox.

If you're a diehard Netscape fan, you perhaps might want to adopt this Netscape theme for Firefox. But you're probably not; last I looked, Netscape users made up 0.7 percent of visitors.

(Via TechCrunch.)

Posted at 3:36 PM to PEBKAC

"Hey, reigns," said Mozilla. "I guess I rule, huh?"

Posted by: CGHill at 3:41 PM on 28 December 2007

AOL never seemed to know what to do when they acquired certain technologies (winamp and ICQ being others). It always seemed daft business sense to own Netscape, keep it in the closet but ship AOL software with just a front end for IE.Mosiac was my 1st web browser way back which then begat Netscape so thanks for the early years anyway.

Posted by: Emalyse at 6:19 AM on 29 December 2007