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8 December 2007

To friends of Megan Wallent

If you've come looking for the "Not even the buffet" post, it's here. It's scheduled to scroll off the front page today, and this is easier than just bumping it back up.

(Ms Wallent mentions the item in a Rant.)

Posted at 10:52 AM to Blogorrhea

Thanks! I love your site, super fun, and its on my new "To Read" list.

Just for clarity for everyone else, while the link came off of a "Rant" site, this was really a "Rave within a Rant" because of the value of this site, and the community here.

Believe it or not, the whole mushroom issue is not well understood in the med community, so you folks actually provided a *service* to help people.


You Rock!

- Megan

Posted by: Megan (Yes That One) at 1:34 PM on 9 December 2007
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