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30 December 2007

Toys to show boys

"Does your car say 'check me out'?" says the British automotive site, in the process of suggesting to its female readership "ten sexy cars to turn men's heads."

The list, I need hardly point out, is fairly arguable, though I will admit that I'm likely to notice someone in a Mercedes Gullwing or in a a Caterham Seven, both of which were mentioned. (Then there was this incident, about which the less said the better.)

This question, though, remains unanswered:

Is driving a "male" car is a way of saying "we're just as good as men, and look — we can even drive!"?

I think it's more a way of saying "We drive what we damn well please," which is the only attitude that makes sense anyway.

(Seen at AutoblogGreen.)

Posted at 7:08 PM to Driver's Seat , Table for One

Women would love to be able to say we drive what we damn well please... that in itself is enough of a selling point! The truth is that the vast majority of us drive what we can damn well afford.

Posted by: Miss Cellania at 7:37 PM on 30 December 2007

Most of the rest, I suspect, drive something they can't afford.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:55 PM on 30 December 2007

Notice that the list on does not include any pictures, except for the Mercedes. I am something of a car buff, but I did not know what a Caterham looked like. This, I think, may be the big difference. Most women do not care what a car looks like, all they care about is what other people's reactions will be when they mention the name of the car, and for that they don't need any pictures. It's a social thing. Any facts about the car are irrelevent.

Posted by: Charles Pergiel at 8:11 PM on 30 December 2007

A restored, or very well maintained, '55-57 Chevy two-door will get my attention quicker than any of the aforementioned vehicles. I'd rather have one of these than just about anything on the road, and if I could have one of them with many of today's bells and whistles...

Posted by: unimpressed at 8:49 PM on 30 December 2007

What does say about those of us who drive old, high-mileage cars yet ride sleek, fast bicycles that are worth more than the car?

Posted by: Ed W at 8:58 PM on 30 December 2007