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12 December 2007

Tweaking the over/under

Ryan Welton caught this at a press conference:

At a news conference on Tuesday, OG&E spokesman Brian Alford said it would cost $1M a mile to bury power lines underground. Well, considering the bevy of line-damaging possibilities in the Sooner State, I say it's money well spent. A solid infrastructure is what attracts business and draws talented people.

Alford said it just didn't add up when the electric company does its cost-benefit analyses. I think he'd be surprised what Oklahomans would pay for in the name of real progress, although I think it would have to come with punitive damages against utilities for outages.

Right now I suspect the utilities are trying to figure out a way to recover the costs of restoration.

In the meantime, the Big Question remains unanswered. I was picking up a Gazette when a woman eastbound on 36th hailed me and asked "Do you have power?" And I drew a Google search today for "when the hell is oge going to get the power on".

The guy next door had brought out the chainsaw and was hacking up the residue of his elm tree, which, on sober second thought, looks like it might survive after all. I helped him haul some stuff up over the curb; he came over and sliced up the two major limbs that had fallen off my elm, and we reasoned, with a bow to Arlo Guthrie, that one big pile was better than two little piles. We had to knock off for lack of light, but we got quite a bit done — he more than I, you may be sure — and now the only major debris in the street is down on the corner at the apartment complex.

Posted at 7:14 PM to Soonerland

After the 1974 Louisville, KY, tornado that plowed through my grandfather's neighborhood, the city decided to bury the utility lines in the rebuilt areas. It took them them three months to get the job done and power back on in his neighborhood, but his house was one of the few that had moderate to minor damage; the twister jumped his house and totalled the one across the street.

They haven't had a major outage in that neighborhood for some time now.

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 9:02 PM on 12 December 2007

I thanked two crews today for working so hard to restore our power. They acted surprised that someone was speaking to them nicely. After 4 days of very cold temps in my home, I am very grateful to all of those who are still out working in the cold to restore our heat!

Posted by: Aero at 8:26 PM on 13 December 2007