The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 December 2007

We're number three!

This has potential: Chrysler, the perennial third-place American automaker, and Nissan, Japan's number three, may be putting their heads together for new vehicles, though there's no indication that any equity will be exchanged. Nissan presumably will be wanting to tap Chrysler's Dodge division for truck ideas, while Chrysler is in desperate need of competitive small cars, where Nissan has always been a player, if seldom the market leader.

One suggestion from this corner: the Nissan Teana, the J31 midsize sedan sold as a Maxima in some non-US markets, might make a nice-looking Dodge. The Teana has a suitably blunt front, a grille adaptable to Dodge's crossbars, and it doesn't look anything like Chrysler's Sebring (or all that much like the American Maxima). Nissan fits this with either a 2.3-liter inline-4 or the ubiquitous VQ-series V-6.

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