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14 December 2007

You can't watch this here

I have, as I see them, two options if I want to get DVDs of the Australian TV series Round the Twist:

  1. Order the Australian box set and find myself a DVD player that either (a) can handle Region 4 or (b) ignores region codes altogether;

  2. Order the British box set (about the same price) from, which is not region-coded but which reportedly has poorer visuals than the box from Oz.

The obvious choice would seem to be #1, since I have been known to seek out features from India; on the other hand, I've had no particular problem finding region-free DVDs of Bollywood fare. The DVD player in the PC will permit region changes, but only a few: the fifth one, you're stuck with. (Which suggests a third alternative: are there DVD drives without region coding?)

Suggestions from the field are welcomed.

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Yep, there are off-brand DVD players (mostly from Japan or Korea) that offer a no-region coding option, as I recall. We had one for a while, until it finally died on us, and the UI left quite a bit to be desired, but it played darned near anything.

Check out for a list.

Posted by: Jennifer at 10:49 AM on 14 December 2007