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21 January 2008

And lo, the eyes glazeth over

I realize that it's of dire importance to the Gods of All Media that we be fed every last scrap of election information, be it of marginal relevance or of no relevance at all — stuff that is actually relevant either doesn't lend itself to the format or contradicts the narrative they're trying to sell — but I'm paying as little attention to it as possible.

SeeDubya knows the feeling:

I'm very interested in the candidates themselves, their personalities, their policies, and especially their principles and character. But I'll confess right now, at the risk of being disbarred from political blogging, that amateur — even professional — electoral gamesmanship bores the hell out of me. (You know when the last time I went to Real Clear Politics was? The 2006 election.) There's a surfeit of internet quarterbacks out there trying to call the plays. I think it's like modeling global warming; there's eight million known variables out there and an unknown number of Rumsfeldian unknown unknowns on top of that. What's that, you say Farkins County, Delaware hasn't budgeted for road salt, making it difficult for senior citizens waiting for the sleet to melt to get down Farm-to-Market Road 47 and vote for McCain and still make it to the early bird special at the Golden Corral, so they'll stay home watching the History Channel and it's probably going to break for Huckabee? Well, doodley doodle doo.

I'm at the point where I want to tell the lot of them to do what the government itself ought to be doing, which is to get the hell off my lawn.

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