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18 January 2008

Calling all Gwartneys

First, the picture:

Gwartney Grocery postcard

A reader in Indiana happened upon this postcard (you can see a bigger version here), noting that the store advertised on the side of this cart, Gwartney's Cash Grocery, was at "Catalpa and College St. in Capitol Hill." Inasmuch as I once churned out an excessively-inadequate history of the Capitol Hill area of Oklahoma City, she wrote me and asked if I could nail down any of the particulars.

Working with the formidable Doug Loudenback, we were able to narrow it down to a few blocks. (What was once Catalpa Street is now SW/SE 20th.) The store is gone by now, but Gwartneys remain: Kurt Gwartney, for instance, is the operations manager at KGOU radio in Norman, and Bob and Janet Gwartney raise goats in Hammon. I figure if I drop enough Gwartney names here, sooner or later I'll hear from a family member who can fill in some more of the story.

Hey, it worked for the Steansons.

Posted at 5:21 PM to Soonerland

Ok, Ok. So where are all the Gwartney's? Are none going to stand up?

Posted by: Doug Dawg at 6:55 PM on 22 January 2008

Hey, it took 80 days for the Steanson story to go far enough around the world to get a response.

Have faith. This will be answered in due time.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:15 PM on 22 January 2008