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24 January 2008

Cooling system

I might not have noticed this except for the fact that I used to have one of these contraptions:

Two southern artists who plan to freeze a Chevy Nova in front of the library at Michigan Tech started pouring the ice base on Tuesday.

Sue Wrbican from George Madison University and Mary Carothers from the University of Louisville say the Nova was one of the last cars built in the late '70s, before fuel efficiency was considered.

The shop class from Hancock High School built a form they'll pour water into, forming a giant ice cube around the car.

I retain a certain fondness for those old Novas; my very first car (Susannah) was a '66, and shortly after I got married, my wife deemed it unsuitable for family transportation, whereupon we acquired a '76, which became the official mom-mobile, while I inherited her '75 Toyota. Curiously, the V8-powered (305, not the 350) Nova with a three-speed automatic and the four-cylinder Celica with a five-speed stick got the same indifferent gas mileage: about 17 mpg. More curiously, when she was driving the Celica, she got 15 mpg. And she drove it as though she had an egg under the gas pedal — "You should always shift before 3000," she said — while I whaled the living whee out of it. Perhaps her style was more suited to the Chevrolet. (Just recently she traded in a Mercury Grand Marquis, though I don't recall what she bought to replace it.) This guy, at least, appreciates them.

The artists are blogging the project. It should be noted that this is not one of those "Ewww, cars are bad!" exhibitions one tends to expect these days.

(Via Autoblog.)

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My mom and dad leased a '70 Nova when I was a kid, and when that lease was up we leased a '74. Both were pretty decent cars by my lights, and we did some traveling in the '70.

Unfortunately, the family fell on not-soft times and couldn't keep up the lease payments on the '74.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:05 PM on 24 January 2008