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10 January 2008

Debris, or not debris?

That's no longer the question; the contractor hired by the city picked up the Assorted Tree Segments on my block today, a bit sooner than I'd anticipated despite my comparative proximity to the center of town. (I am, as the phrase goes, out of the loop.)

They didn't seem to leave a whole lot of crud behind, though one house was skipped entirely; I'm guessing that someone was parked in front of the curb, preventing access to the stuff.

Addendum, 8:15 pm: The CityNews flyer that accompanies the utility bill contains the following revelation:

After the debris contractors finish their rounds, bulk waste collection crews will pick up storm debris on your monthly collection days.

But not until, so don't mix your regular Big Junk with your tree limbs.

Posted at 7:35 PM to Surlywood

All mine is gone, too. I thought they'd get it sometime in February - maybe even March - but January is just fine with me!

Posted by: Jan at 7:27 PM on 14 January 2008