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20 January 2008

Hello, Brownie

She might have been seven, maybe eight; she couldn't have been much more than that. She could, however, reach the doorbell, and I popped the door open to hear: "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?"

My weakness is exposed! I thought as I unfolded the order form. Good that they got it all on to one sheet; not so good that much of it requires better eyes than mine to read. And there's a place to put your email address, which struck me as odd. Three lines had been filled in, and all of them had apparently been filled in by the same person. This could mean only one of one thing: family members had started her off, but this was her first Real Live Sale to a stranger.

I remembered back to 1970, when a brace of Juniors showed up at our dorm, order forms in hand. I always wondered if someone had told them, "You know, those college students will buy almost anything edible." We certainly would; I think we bought something like seventy-two boxes. And I'd be surprised if there were any left twenty-four hours after the delivery. (I bought one box, finished off half that evening, the rest for, um, breakfast.)

Dad arrived from the curb, wondering if maybe there was an issue. Nope: just had to scrape up $7 without having to break a twenty. Wound up with a five and two $1 coins. And as she turned away — "Thank you so much" — she broke into the biggest grin. This isn't so horrible, I could imagine her thinking.

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