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17 January 2008

Here come the smarts

The smart cars, anyway:

Traffic consultant Thomas Page of Detroit ordered his Smart microcar in March, the first day they were orderable, and he was told last weekend that his red convertible is off the boat in Baltimore and ready for delivery.

According to communications director Ken Kettenbeil of Smart USA in Bloomfield Hills, 30 to 35 percent of the Smarts ordered thus far are the convertible, more formally known as the Passion Cabriolet. Its starting price is $16,590.

Sixty to 65 percent of the 30,000 preorders were for the Passion Coupe, at $13,590, with only 4 percent for the base-level Pure at $11,590.

It may be a while before I see one of these around town: there's only one dealership in the state, and it's in Tulsa. Then again, were I in the market for something small and zippy, I'd go for a Honda Fit.

(Via AutoblogGreen.)

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