The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 January 2008

In other words, give us 50 cents

AT&T announces that they will occasionally siphon another half a buck fom me:

Effective March 12, 2008 the Carrier Cost Recovery Fee rate will increase from $0.99 to $1.49 per month in which you have state-to-state and/or international charges on your AT&T Long Distance Telephone Account. This fee helps recover costs associated with providing state-to-state and international long distance service including expense for national regulatory fees and programs, and connection and account servicing charges.

This fee is not a tax or charge imposed or required by any government entity.

Of course, we have plenty of those too.

At the top of this is a block reading "To view your Terms & Conditions for AT&T Long Distance, access or call 1 888 225-8530 to have a copy mailed." This URL is, to be charitable, misleading; there's nothing within two screens of there that even comes close. Fortunately, there are search engines for this sort of thing, so if you really want to read about the CCRF, here's the official version, and here's what it actually means.

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