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26 January 2008

Is our children gradualating?

"Oh, my, yes," says Fayetteville, Arkansas:

Graduation requirements for seniors at Fayetteville High School are changing this year in an attempt, at least in part, to curb dropouts. Effective with the Class of 2008, seniors no longer have to have a 2.0 grade-point average to graduate.

The Fayetteville School Board unanimously approved the revision Thursday.

Some of the thinking behind the decision:

Principal Jim Price said 18 students did not graduate last May because of the requirement, which seems to affect students in alternative programs more than other students. Some students in the alternative programs are there for credit recovery, but even then may find it mathematically impossible to raise a low grade-point to a 2.0, Price said.

"Fayetteville is known for its academic standards, but [we] need to be conscious of the dropout rate. We concur this is a good move and should have been considered years ago," Superintendent Bobby New said in support of removing the grade-point average.

Let's see if I have this right: let the standards slide a bit, and voilà! the dropout numbers look better.

Of course, the school board has bigger fish to fry at the moment: they're mulling an offer for the high-school campus itself. I don't think the dropout rate will affect the selling price, but you never know these days.

(Spotted by The Local Malcontent.)

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As if we didn't already have enough reasons to make fun of Arkansas....[read more]

You don't want a lack of a diploma to affect the self-esteem of all those precious little snowflakes would you?

Posted by: rita at 11:36 AM on 26 January 2008

As if an Arkansawyer has enough problems, coming from our 'lustrous neighbor to the east, where, children, boys and girls, mind you, are allowed to matriculate(!) together in the common schools, those yahoos in Hog Heaven have to go an muddy things even more.

But then again, I did graduate from an institution that was rumored to have awarded a master's degree to one who was a functional illiterate....(TAMU-C).

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 4:18 PM on 26 January 2008

The Arkansas diploma is now officially worth $00.00

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 9:09 PM on 26 January 2008

The Arkansas diploma is now officially worth $00.00

Yes, wanting to sell it back to the awarding institution does tend to depress the value.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:18 PM on 26 January 2008

Here in California there was a movement to solve the problem a little differently: They wanted to give out two slightly different diplomas: one to the kids who learned something, and the other to those who just managed to be there at the end of 12th grade.

Posted by: ZZMike at 7:17 PM on 31 January 2008