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25 January 2008

It was too much to hope for

The Federal Communications Commission has given its blessing [link goes to PDF file] to the sale of Clear Channel's radio stations to private-equity firms, provided they spin off at least 48 stations in 42 markets. As with the ABC/Citadel merger, the licenses for the stations to be sold will be assigned to a trust — in this case, the Aloha Station Trust LLC — pending disposal.

The first thing I did, of course, was to see if any Oklahoma radio stations will be sold as a result of the FCC action. The answer is no. (The list begins on page 41 of that PDF file linked above.)

However, another condition for the sale is the closing of a separate deal for Clear Channel's television stations, which include KOKI-TV and KMYT-TV in Tulsa.

Posted at 7:56 PM to Overmodulation

Even if they did spin off some of their stations, I doubt it would get us any better music!

Posted by: Scooby214 at 5:13 PM on 26 January 2008