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16 January 2008

No hard feelings, evidently

Maureen Dowd came down with some wretched disease while covering Dubya's Middle East jaunt, and who comes to her aid? Why, the White House, of course:

Presidential aides, including press secretary Dana Perino, made clear early on that Dowd could see Dr. Richard J. Tubb, the Air Force brigadier general who oversees the White House medical office and takes care of the president at home and abroad.

But Dowd declined. With no medication, she tried to soldier on by grabbing whatever rest she could in her hotel room — not easy to do in a trip of constant movements. By the time the presidential entourage moved to Bahrain from Kuwait on Saturday, she felt even worse. She was so sick, in fact, that she could not write her regular Sunday column.

Dowd finally decided to take up the White House on its offer.

So she gets to see Dr. Tubb, and:

Tubb gave her a few tablets of Cipro and some Pepto-Bismol and told her to check back with him the next day. She turned down Tubb's offer of an IV (so there was no chance of an "accidental" poisoning, she joked).

"He was wonderful — just really sweet," Dowd said in an interview Tuesday afternoon in the press filing center in Riyadh, where she appeared to be on the mend and said she was feeling much better.

But it wasn't over:

On Sunday, when [the] entourage flew from Bahrain to the United Arab Emirates, Dowd was supposed to be flying on the press charter, without access to Tubb. But the White House made room for her aboard Air Force One, where she visited the doctor once again in his office near the president's.

"I was thinking that if I ran into Bush, I would have to apologize for it not being a fatal disease," Dowd said. "He was very generous to share his doctor — even if he didn't know it."

Dowd said Tubb and the rest of the White House staff who helped her were "fantastic" — and nobody complained about her columns.

Good on ya, Doc. And Maureen, you get well real soon, y'hear?

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Innit amazing how leftists can't ever manage to be gracious?


Posted by: Mark Alger at 8:00 AM on 17 January 2008

She sounded pretty grateful to me. She said, "[Bush] was very generous to share his doctor--even if he didn't know it."

Posted by: Mo MoDo at 8:05 AM on 18 January 2008