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21 January 2008

Now arriving: the Birdman

Two years ago this week, Hornets power forward Chris "Birdman" Andersen was tossed out of the NBA after testing positive for an unspecified drug. (Wikipedia says it was meth.) This weekend he'll be eligible to apply for reinstatement, a process which has no known time frame, since it's never been done before.

The Hornets will have first rights to the Birdman, but it's unlikely they'll pick him up; I'm guessing that they'd have to reinstate his old contract, which paid him $3.5 million a year over four years, and the Bees presently aren't in need of a power forward, especially one which will cut into salary-cap space. If they don't sign him, he becomes a free agent. My best bet is on Andersen being signed to a couple of 10-day contracts to see if he's back in shape, and if he passes muster, playing out the rest of the season at something close to the veteran's minimum (about $895,000 a year for a five-year man). I note that hasn't deleted his stats page.

Update, 26 January: Okay, it's been done once.

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