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10 January 2008

Quirky Italian beauties

As I've mentioned more than once — searching this site for the brand name produces thirteen mentions, in fact — during my younger days I managed to wangle some seat time in a Maserati. Despite the presence of the revered trident midgrille, it really wasn't a sports car: it had four doors, for Pietro's sake. But you couldn't tell me that while I was whipping it around Lake Hefner at, um, slightly above the posted limit.

Still, some aspects of it struck me as goofy. My ride in those days had a five-speed stick; what in the world was this hyperexpensive sled doing with a three-speed autobox? (Answer: about 100 before I looked down at the speedo on the way to the lake.) Eventually, though, I accepted this as part of the experience: la donna, she has her quirks, but she's so beautiful you don't notice.

At least, you hope you never notice something like this:

Despite its size and girth, the GT's trunk is puny; hard luck for hard case schleppers. To make matters worse, there is no spare. Since the trunk is opened via an electrically actuated lock, the battery's location in the Maser's micro-compartment seems ill-advised.

This isn't as insane as, say, front fender skirts on the postwar Nash, which made for a turning circle more appropriate to Kenworths, but it's still a strange sort of lapse, unless there's some trick trunk release somewhere.

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