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29 January 2008

Richard Stallman wants a girlfriend

Yes, really.

I did like the "reputedly intelligent" bit enough to file it away for future misappropriation reference.

And I admit, I started out this piece wanting to mock the poor soul, but the guy is legitimately interesting and doesn't look any worse than most of your code gurus; I hope something works out for him.

(Via Popgadget.)

Posted at 6:58 AM to Table for One

It seems as though the "code guru dress code" is extremely similar to the "male science professor dress code." Perhaps facial hair isn't quite as mandatory among the profs...

Posted by: fillyjonk at 7:37 AM on 29 January 2008

Speaking of intelligence dings, I allus liked Heinlein's "alleged mind" crack.


Posted by: Mark Alger at 8:58 AM on 29 January 2008

How could it be that the developer of Emacs isn't mobbed by groupies already?

Posted by: Michael Bates at 11:58 AM on 29 January 2008

When did Jerry Garcia get reincarnated?

Posted by: McGehee at 12:58 PM on 29 January 2008

Boston, huh?

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:46 PM on 29 January 2008
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