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14 January 2008

Strange search-engine queries (102)

In this more-or-less weekly feature, we sort through seven days' worth of referrer logs, separate the wheat from the chaff, and publish the chaff.

hissiest uzis:  Yeah, that's the lethal aspect of the Uzi: the hiss.

I survived the 2007 Ice storm even though I lost a few limbs in Tulsa t-shirt:  Should we assume it's just a flesh wound?

Superheroines Itching:  "Sue, honey, you want me to scratch that for you?" Reed shouted from the lab.

required to wear pantyhose to church:  Try new GenuFlex™, designed specifically for kneeling.

what happens if a man falls in love with a transsexual?  If he's really in love, he probably won't even use the T-word.

family won't accept me wearing women's lingerie:  Suggestion: get your own. They hate it when you borrow things.

driving naked on leather seats:  Don't. Trust me on this.

Mother-in-law is curious about my penis size:  Let me dissuade you with two words: "divorce lawyer."

topless bimmer chicks:  Is this topless chicks in Bimmers, or chicks in topless Bimmers?

topless babes in bimmers:  Well, that answers that. [Both were received from the same IP address.]

what's the plural form of stereo:  Surround.

dog peed on dvd player:  Was it HD or Blu-ray?

What do 43 percent of women do in the driver's seat:  Demonstrate to the man in the passenger seat the art of asking directions.

sociopath, adulterer or libertine:  Great, a new reality TV show.

Posted at 6:52 AM to You Asked For It

I don't know about you, but MY Uzi gets all kind of hissy when you move the ammo box.


Posted by: Mark Alger at 8:04 AM on 14 January 2008

Makes you wonder what is going on in the heads and homes of the people who actually type in some of these search queries. Superheroes Itching would be a less odd inquiry, I would think, given the tights and all.

Posted by: Jennifer at 10:39 AM on 14 January 2008

sociopath, adulterer or libertine:

Reality show??? I'm thinking, South Carolina primary.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:14 PM on 14 January 2008