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20 January 2008

Temporary cheesehead

"Take the Dow and the 2500 points," says the Oklahoman's Don Mecoy:

There is a strong correlation between the Super Bowl champion and the annual performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest, most prestigious stock index. When a team that was an original member of the American Football League wins the big game, the Dow slumps. When a member of the original National Football League wins, the Dow surges. It works about 80 percent of the time, a success rate the envy of any stock picker. Most recently, it worked last year when the Indianapolis Colts, an original NFL franchise, took the championship and the Dow gained 6.4 percent.

A lot of which vanished in the last couple of months, but still:

So if you're not already swayed by the Patriots' cheating, slovenly, Machiavellian despot of a coach, their cheating (girlfriend, not football) quarterback or their cheating (drug policy violation) defensive back, then just vote your pocketbook. (And their uniforms are ugly.)

Back the Pack. Your portfolio will thank you.

I should point out that Mecoy posted this on Thursday, which means that he was expecting New England and Green Bay to win their respective conferences. So far, he's one for two: the Pats did win today. As of this writing, the Giants have pulled ahead of the Packers.

Update, 9:15 pm: And it's the Giants and the Pats in the Super Bowl. Last time these two met was the 29th of December; New England won it, 38-35. I'm still not calling a broker.

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Now he's back to .500.

Gotta check Wikipedia before I call my broker.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 9:18 PM on 20 January 2008

Of course, my sketchy prognostication skills have nothing to do with the point of my post.

Anyone invested in stocks now should be rooting for the Giants. Based on how the Dow has performed thus far, a Patriots' win may already be priced in.

Posted by: Don Mecoy at 9:50 AM on 21 January 2008