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18 January 2008

That's right, I'm sad and blue

After all, I can't do the boogaloo:

Monday night on the car radio, Dick Biondi (94.7 "classic hits and true oldies") introduced an old song he had played last week, and gotten some good feedback on, called "Gimme Dat Ding".

It's a goofy little ditty, from 1970, with a rollicking barrelhouse piano. I wonder if iTunes has it; I need to get this for our iPods.

Not in its original form, they don't, unless I misread the list entirely.

And suddenly, an image appeared in my head, of an old 45, and on the label it said "The Pipkins". The label was sort of an orangey off-white color. The writing was black. It was there, plain as day, in my brain. I don't remember if that was my record, or if I'd just seen it somewhere and remembered what it looked like, or if I totally invented it. It was just there.

Capitol, which issued this in the States (#2819), had a number of different 45 labels over the years, some of which were indeed orangey. My copy, however, has a blue label; it's one of Capitol's Star Line reissue singles, #6210, and it's backed with "Neanderthal Man" by Hotlegs, who might conceivably be described as 7.5cc.

And I ripped them both for my own iTunes installation, because they didn't have the original "Neanderthal Man" either.

Posted at 6:54 AM to Fileophile , Tongue and Groove

I believe the label on mine is orangey; I'll have to look. I know it doesn't have "Neanderthal Man" for the flip.

How can you tell the rhythm
    written on the bar?
How can you ever hope
    to know just where you are?

I keep it next to my copy of "Crazy Otto."

Posted by: Old Grouch at 11:00 AM on 18 January 2008

"Gimme Dat Ding" and "Neanderthal Man" had nothing to do with one another except for their British origins and the one-hit-wonder status of their performers, which made it easy for Capitol to slop them together on a single piece of vinyl. (Actually, the guys behind the Pipkins had done lots of records, though not under that name, and Hotlegs eventually diffused into 10cc, but that's another matter entirely.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:33 AM on 18 January 2008

My brain probably invented the look of the label. Who knows? I just find it funny sometimes how my brain works, and I wonder if others have this type of thing happen when they're trying to recall something. Perhaps I have a "photographic memory" ... that only works part-time ;-).

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at 1:15 PM on 18 January 2008

I have a photographic memory. It's just too bad that I never manage to remember to take off the lens cap.

Posted by: unimpressed at 5:04 PM on 18 January 2008

Could be worse, could be a xerographic memory: when you're trying to remember something, you end up looking at some random person's butt.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:47 PM on 18 January 2008

Does it have to be random? I can think of a few behinds I wouldn't mind contemplating.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:11 AM on 19 January 2008

Would the aforementioned contemplation be "up close and personal", CG?

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:55 PM on 19 January 2008

Doesn't have to be, but it would help, y'know?

Posted by: CGHill at 4:01 PM on 19 January 2008