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1 January 2008

The monthlies

People who bought Random Crap Calendars from Woot — this would include me — have received the following notification:

We know the selection of calendar subjects was exceedingly lame, as usual. That's why we dropped the c-bomb: we ain't just whistling "crappy". But to mitigate your family's crap exposure during the upcoming year, we've commissioned a series of original illustrations that will be offered for download every month.

And how does this work?

Just print out our custom-illustrated crappy image and tape or tack it over the crappy image on the calendar. Easy, right? But don't feel obliged or anything. If you prefer staring at the same image of "Motivational Zen Fairies" or "Ireland's Most Adorable Cats" for a month at a time, we certainly can't stop you. What kind of sick individuals would profit by selling people such horrible calendars — oh, right, that was us.

"Besides, one does get tired of aging flight attendants with their clothes off," he lied, possibly under the influence of a Motivational Zen Fairy.

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A brand new calendar with fresh blank pages waiting to be filled is my favorite symbol of the New Year. Craptitude or no. Although no would admittedly be preferrable.

Happy 2008, Charles. Here's to good times!

Posted by: Jennifer at 4:05 PM on 1 January 2008