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5 January 2008

There's no place like Nome

An Alaskan legislator has prefiled a bill to move the state capital from Juneau to Anchorage. Rep. Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage, what a shock) says that contact with the legislature is difficult for most Alaskans because there are no roads to Juneau — you can only reach the city by air or by boat — and that that the expense of traveling to the capital is considerable.

Oddly, neither Ted Stevens nor Don Young offered to build a bridge.

I recognize, though, that isolation of a legislature has its consequences, and therefore I suggest that someone introduce a bill to move the Oklahoma capital to Guymon. Or even Juneau, if there's room.

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There had been talk of building a road to Juneau. But I gather that was before the bridge controversy.

As for moving Alaska's capital, my solution is on the record.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:41 PM on 5 January 2008